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We are fierce advocates for survivors of child sexual abuse

The Gift of Empowerment

The Child Victims Act allows all survivors of sexual abuse to hold their abusers accountable.

Clergy Sexual abuse is much more than the sexual violation of a child, it is a moral violation that robs the child of his or her innocence and power. As with any victim of crime, the sense of helplessness and powerlessness is often the rock that is carried year after year, often only increasing in weight as time passes.

Staying quiet rarely works. You can’t carry the burden all alone — instead, by sharing your stories, asking for help, and fighting back, you can restore your lost power. Learn how to regain your power after child sexual abuse and take back your life taken from you.

How the law can work for you

Many victims are afraid to make their stories of abuse public or that the legal system will not bring about their desired outcome. We are here to demystify the legal system and to support those who decide to get legal compensation for the abuses they have endured. There are legal teams out there who will listen to your story and handle your case in a compassionate manner. Creating a legal case can empower survivors of sexual abuse by holding perpetrators accountable and also by receiving monetary compensation that can better help survivors to pay for the expenses they may need in order to heal and move forward.

We Represent Claims Against

Religious Institutions

In institutions where leaders or clergy are normally trusted and held to a high esteem, it’s vital that victim’s voices are heard and all contributing parties are held accountable.

Private Schools

Whether religious or non-denominational, private schools can be an environment where sexual abuse occurs at the hands of teachers and staff members.

Sports Leagues

Some youth sports leagues now have reporting and prevention requirements for sexual abuse, authorized by the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act.

Summer Camps

Approximately 14 million children are enrolled yearly in summer camps, and no background checks are required for employees in 18 states.

Medical Facilities

Medications including sedatives and anesthesia as well as physical limitations create a scenario where patients are particularly vulnerable to sexual predators.




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Katherine, now 50 years old, was sexually abused by her private school teacher at the age of 12 inside of his private office. He was a beloved teacher who had taught at a private middle school for ten years, and he told her that no one would believe her story if she ever spoke up. She never disclosed what had happened for years and became increasingly withdrawn from her friends and family. The incident also affected her school performance and would cause her to have frequent night terrors. Only years later would she finally confront what had happened when working with a therapist. Katherine decided to open up publicly about her what happened to her and filed a case against her former teacher and her school. She now helps others to open up about their own experiences of childhood sexual abuse.

This is an example case.

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